Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…..

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…………

tea pexelsI’ll bet you didn’t know (nor did they), that when the Sons of Liberty dumped all that tea into Boston Harbor back in 1773 that they would be paving the way for what would become a distinctly American innovation.  I’m not talking about baseball or apple pie, full length pants for boys or SUVs.  I’m talking about closets, yes that’s right — closets! 

Now I don’t mean to suggest that there is a direct corrolation between closets and squandered tea but it is safe to say that closets are a singularly American contrivance. Why? you ask. Because they do not have closets in England!  Well, maybe there’s one hiding out somewhere in the countryside where not one has caught on, but closets are not general custom.

Of course, I only learned this standing in a bedroom with an English couple who were clients of mine.  I was commenting on the fact that the house was older, therefore the closets did not have the room that some of the newer homes offered, when they dropped this interesting little tidbit.

So, what does all of this have to do with selling a house?  Well, unless you deal specifically with British clientele, most of the potential buyers out there just can’t resist peaking into the closets.  If their gander reveals clothing neatly hung and spaced, so that it appears there’s plenty more room,  then that’s the right impression.  If  it looks like you’ve been saving clothes for the last 10 years to ship off to a refugee camp in Rowanda, and one false step would bring them all down on you, then that’s probably not the right impression.

I don’t know, perhaps there’s something to be said for just having enough stuff to fill up a wardrobe, but where would the kids play hide and seek?


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