There’s an app for that…


Seems that’s the mantra of the new techno-marketing world where anything you could want is available with just a simple download. I personally like the flashlight app and the compass.  Excellent for those many occasions I’m lost in the woods.  And let’s not forget the “pocket fishing” app – which I turn to whenever I’m given a choice between that and self- dentistry. 

Now, I realize that the vast majority of apps deal with high-brow subject matter such as slinging cranky fowl at porcine opponents or subdividing watermelons and casaba with uncle Abe’s samurai sword, but hey, every once in a while there’s one that falls short of that “entertainment” standard but which is still worth downloading.

Segue to the New Keller Williams App – the  locate nearby homes, find open houses and advanced search app (could also be called the deputy realtor app – comes with an sheriff-156649__340optional tin star for just $9:00 shipping and handling). Actually, this amazing  little app can be down-loaded for free on your phone then you can search the neighborhoods you like for what’s available. You can also drive by a home and have an immediate peak inside with justa touch of the screen – don’t worry, it’s not a live feed.

Unfortunately, everything can be downloaded except your realtor, but we are just a phone call away – happy hunting!


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