Just when you think it’s safe to leave your doors unlocked – somebody steals your door knob – and your whole house!

Don’t you love alarmpexels-photo-doorknobist headlines?  No, I don’t either, but what I’m about to tell you does happen and it deserves being at least a little alarmed. What am I referring to?  I’m talking about someone forging a new deed on your home then filing it with the county clerk’s office.  Imagine, three years after you’ve purchased your home you find it’s been sold to a family of twelve. You watch helplessly as they land in your driveway, their UHaul and 1940s pick-up truck, overflowing with furniture from Billy Bob’s discount mart and a few hound dogs, now relieving themselves on your lawn.  All you can do is stand there gawking in your flannel pjs, morning paper in hand.pexels-photo-bloodhound

I know it’s hard to wrap your wits around this but it has happened – often enough that the county now offers a simple way for you to register your property so that, should someone try this with your home, you would be alerted to any change of ownership and be able to take immediate action. Just go to this site to sign up: https://www.propertyfraudalert.com. It only takes two minutes and it may just save your door knob – and an awful lot of future headache!


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