Does your house hug you when you come home?

Or, have you settleLafayette and Rushfordd for plain functional space, a comfy couch and some yellowed lace curtains? Think that 70’s shag carpet still looks good? Still consider LumaDome lighting as “fashion forward?” Then stop, read no further, no seriously, you may go blind… 

If the above doesn’t describe you and you’re someone who likes to live with a little pizazz, and some really spiffy things — if you believe your house should do more than provide shelter, then listen up, this is something you and your house are going to love!

Lafayette and Rushford, (not a name that rolls off the tongue folks) is a specialty boutique for the home in downtown Dunedin.  The name is an homage to the home towns (Lafayette Indiana and Rushford NY) of owners Linda Painter and Rick Davies, whose collaboration has evolved into this amazingly unique and wonderful place. inside entry Lafayette and Rushford

 “Your house should give you a hug,” is Linda’s philosophy, and that philosophy is very evident when you walk through their doors.

Personally, I ccaterpillar with hookahouldn’t help but think of “Wonderland,” (yes that Wonderland -only with candles instead of hookahs)  high arching ceilings with some of the coolest fixtures suspended in space (coolest?  talk about the 70s???). Throughout the store there are ornamental focal pieces, must have vintage furniture and chests, wrought iron decorations, soaps, books and vases that draw you in – just like the “drink me” bottle Alice couldn’t resist (only with less side effects.)  Of course it didn’t hurt that there were rabbits everywhere either, (I’m pretty sure one of them had a vest and a stop watch)free bunny but I’m guessing that’s because I was there around Easter time and the store is an ever-evolving themed landscape for the seasons.

Now, I have to admit that it took me a minute to grasp the whole themed idea because most stores do some seasonal decorating, but I’m talking way beyond Christmas trees in December and red white and blue around the 4th. This store “becomes” the season, not only decorated to delight its customers but to offer its customers the ability to create an environment in their own homes that will reflect the creativity and fun of the season. And don’t worry, help is available, even if you’re somewhat decoratively-challenged. Linda and her knowledgeable staff have some amazing suggestions and are always willing to offer their valuable advice.

And what of the times in between seasons?  Lafayette and Rushford is a great place to give your home a little glamour and panache or to pick up just the right gift. Check out their adorable children’s clothing lines – if you don’t have children, you might reconsider once you’ve seen their outfits boy sticking tongue



– or not.

No matter whether you’re in the mood to decorate or not, you will want to stop into this magical store in downtown Dunedin – look for the grey building with the green awning and “Flip” the bird on the outside (who says you can’t be classy and still have a sense of humor?) laughing ostrich


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