Know Anyone That wants To Buy A House With No Money?


home_6Got your attention with that one, didn’t I!  Well, it’s not quite as simple as “Have no money, Get a house.”  But there’s definitely help for many first-time home buyers who qualify right now.

Florida, the state that brought you alligators, retirement communities and humidity (I can say that, I’m a Floridian), is now offering an AMAZING down-payment assistance program for first time home buyers. Right now, in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties you can receive up to $15,000. to go toward your down-payment and closing costs on the purchase of a new home (or a used one, for that matter) Pasco you can get up to $7,500  (what’s up with that, Pasco?) alligator with golf club

So bring out those kids that need to get out of your spare bedroom, and anyone else looking to purchase their first home.

Now, there are a few requirements, as you can imagine.  The would-be buyer must have a credit score of at least 640 also, as an individual, you can’t make more than $70K a year or as a family $80K a year.  Remember when you couldn’t make $40K or more? No, me neither… ahem, but it wasn’t that long ago!

And what does first time home buyer mean? We’ll, I’ll tell you. It doesn’t mean FIRST TIME HOME BUYER! This is why I write these blogs, folks, because it’s a jungle of deception out there.  No, first time home buyer actually means anyone who hasn’t owned a home in 3 years.  That’s it, just 3 years.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve owned 19 homes over the course of your lifetime.  As long as you haven’t owned in the last 3 years, you’re good!

So call us, we know many wonderful lenders just looking to facilitate a loan for friends and love-ones. And we know a couple of great realtors that would love to find you the perfect home. (No, not your friend’s cousin Marvin).


2 responses to “Know Anyone That wants To Buy A House With No Money?

  1. Do I qualify for this incentive program??

    Michael Paolillo

    • Of course, we would just need to sell your place at the beach, oh, and your homes up north, Divest yourself of all assets but $80K (I know a good realtor charity that will accept them) and then wait for 3 years and you’re all set!

      Just let me know.

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