About Linda

For those of you that don’t know me,  and even those who do, but may not be aware of my extensive real estate lineage, I come from a long line of realtors, well, my mother was a realtor anyway, and my grandparents owned a house…. and my aunt and uncle owned two houses…

Actually, I am a northern transplant, another snow-bird come to roost from the cold country of New York and New Jersey.   I’m happy to not be shoveling the driveway every winter or having to wear 3 layers of clothing  just to go to the mail box!

I do, sometimes, however, miss the change of seasons – the colors in the fall, the crisp air, the suede boots that can actually be worn, not just fantasized about, but I wouldn’t trade it for being able to tell family and friends still up north that I’m going to the beach on Christmas.

I’ve been in residential Real Estate over 13 years now and work as both a buyer and seller’s agent.  (I’ve also sold quite a bit of vacant land but in Pinellas, pretty much the only way to find vacant land is to tear something down). A few years ago, I teamed up with my business partner Denise and together we are the “Florida Sold Sisters.”

I enjoy real estate, I guess because I enjoy people and it’s fun to check out different homes and make people happy!  That’s about as complicated as it gets – except for the paperwork – oh and sometimes dealing with unrealistic people, and appraisers, oh and estates with multiple heirs,  and short sales –  and banks – banks can be tricky, and oh, never mind.  It’s all part of the joy of real estate! We are prepared for anything and have great resources to accommodate any need.

We’d love to help you sell your home or find your dream home.  Please call either Denise or me and we’ll chat.

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