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The One Box You Don’t Want to Open…

There are many wonderful goodies that come in boxes, to name a few:  chocolates (especially chocolate covered cherries), smoked paprika, new computers, anything from Nordstroms – stop me if I break into a version of “my favorite things, but there is one thing you don’t want in the box, and that’s a hurricane!

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What would you do with another room?

A little cramped? …… Been dreaming about more space?

Now may be the perfect time to move! 

Certainly, one of the more popular reasons people want a larger home is for the coveted “extra room,” either to accommodate additional children, additional stuff, or for that “special” activity they always wanted to pursue, but never had the room to do so (pun intended). I thought it would be interesting to do a little survey so I asked a number of you what you would do with an additional room. Here’s what you said: Continue reading

Help! I think I need to sell short. Do I need a lawyer?


Before I launch into this  post I want to make it clear that this does not imply, suggest, offer, hint at, or insinuate legal advice, nor should you assume, deduce or presuppose the same!  Also, my purpose here is not to malign the legal profession (actually, they’ve done a pretty good job of that on their own) but to suggest from our experience that you consider using a title company to facilitate your short sale instead of a lawyer.

Now, before Lady Justice smites me with her sword and my lawyer friends start writing me poison pen letters, please let me explain…  Continue reading

Understanding “waterfront properties”… the secret code of realtors…

shark floatieIn the real estate vernacular, at least here in Florida, there are four terms that define a property’s status on the water – they are – Waterfront,  Water view, Water access, and Water Extras – simple eh! Not so fast…you see, in real estate, although the term “waterfront” could refer to anything from the gulf, to the oversized puddle the developer was trying to pass off as a pond, “waterfront” is really only one thing – a property (whether it be a condo or a single family home or a townhome) that is directly on the water.  still simple, eh! Not so fast again… Continue reading

What do I do if I can’t buy a home without selling mine first?

Image result for bottle of chateau lafite and a house

The simple answer? Sell Yours! In this market, where many houses are moving like quicksilver, you not only have all your ducks in a row, but they’d better be quacking the same tune! And that tune is, I’m qualified and ready to buy!

“But what if I don’t find what I’m looking for after I get an offer on my house? I don’t want to be homeless with the van packed and nowhere to go!”  Continue reading

Why would I need a backup plan, or how not to do some “unintended camping”

tent in neighborhood

It’s hard to imagine, that is until you’ve worked in the real estate world, how many things can be a stumbling block to a timely closing. .Without the proper mindset and a good contingency plan, you could be doing a little “unintended camping” – now a part of the real estate vernacular. Continue reading

What do you mean, I’ll need to pay another $20K for my home?

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, another few days and you could wind up paying an additional $20K for your home, but if you lock in that rate today, you can drive this beautiful custom- built, split level ranch off the lot for just 3.5% down plus tax and insurances, and I’ll even throw in a set of white-walls.  Continue reading