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If it’s Tuesday, this must be…*

You guessed it, our Real Estate Blog -Travel edition – featuring Nancy Coughlin and the gang at Pinnacle Travel!

I realize when I mentioned travel (agency) that some of you may have flashed back to dial-up internet, phone booths and boy bands, but stay with me.) While some things are best relegated to the past, (dial-up, phone booths and boy bands) today there’s even more reason you

should use a travel agency than there was back then.

With the morass of digital “deals” and alluring vacation spots that might just rely on clever photography and copywriting, you could wind up wishing you had Dorothy’s red slippers to whisk you home, especially if you miscalculated the time changes across the international date line and you’re stuck overnight in some forsaken corner of the world that has no Starbucks. (hey, it could happen!)


But fear not, Nancy Coughlin, Adrienne Velardi,and Kathy Bardo, with over 25 collective years in the business have assembled their experiences and know-how and are armed with the information you need. For you, they’ve cruised Alaskan glaciers as orca breached the icy waters, surveyed groves of olive trees from a Tuscan villa at day’s end, soared high above the Netherlands in a variegated hot-air balloon, threaded the steep mountain trails of the Swiss Alps in lederhosen and a backpack, run with the bulls in Pamplona … what?  Too much? Well, alright. It was the bulls that did it, wasn’t it?

That may have been a slight exaggeration, but suffice it to say, they can talk from experience on many destinations and will work toward creating the best possible experience for you.  Have kids?  Ask them about the kid-friendly vacations and memorable excursions that will leave your family talking about their trip for years to come.

I realize about now, that some of you may doubt what I’m saying, assured that you can get a better deal booking that trip on your own.  If so, you’ve already fallen prey to the digital sirens, and there is no hope for you, save sitting in your pajamas, days on end, bleary-eyed and weary-fingered, a slave to “Trivago,” “Cheap Tickets,” or the myriad of other sites, as they flash their tawdry discount fares like a snake charmer in front of a cobra.

But, use Pinnacle Travel, with so much to offer, and you’ll clear up those blood-shot eyes, put on some regular clothes and use your fingers for something more creative — like pounding out Chop Sticks on grandma’s upright. And don’t forget, you will probably SAVE money!  You see travel agents work out all sorts of deals with all sorts of travel related providers and they will actually share them with you! Who knew?

So, call them, they are wonderful, friendly people, who are more than willing to tell you where to go!

(Actually, We tell you where to go, is NOT their slogan, although I suggested it but they shot me down. I apologize for any misconception, it’s really “Pinnacle Travel, taking your vacation to new heights.”)


*(For those of you too young to recognize the reference, If it’s Tuesday, this must be…in the 60s there was a movie called “if it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium,” alluding to the whirlwind, 7 countries in 7 days bus excursions that left you wondering whether you should be using Marks, Guilders, Francs, or Pesetas (now Euros, Euros, Euros, or Euros). 

What am I doing talking about travel on a real estate blog??? I grew up with parents who owned a travel agency, so, not only do I have ridiculous numbers of travel posters, and never want to look at another macadamia nut again (the preferred foil wrapped delicacy of American and other airlines when I was a kid,) but I have a genuine fondness for the business.

Secondly, those who travel, sooner or later will come home – (another version of what goes up…) and when they do, they sometimes realize that maybe downsizing their home would be a good idea, SO THEY CAN TRAVEL SOME MORE! Or, maybe, after spending a week at that beautiful Italian Villa in Positano, they realize they’d like a little more space, some breathtaking seaside cliffs and a view of the ocean (forget I mentioned breathtaking seaside cliffs, if you’re in Florida). Glad to have cleared that up. 



A few tips to ensure your house isn’t broken into when your away at Dollywood – or the grocery store.

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What inspired these tidbits of advice, was a presentation by the STATEWIDE Crime Prevention Task Force (cue the Dragnet music) to a business group I’m part of.  While I had been content in the bliss of not having been recently assaulted, robbed or otherwise violated, I did know there were probably many out there who had not been so lucky, so here you go… Continue reading

Just who is the “Bird Whisperer?”

parrot on toyI will be the first to admit that when I hung up the phone and readied myself for the journey out to Zaksee bird sanctuary I WAS NOT THINKING!  No, I was simply going to check out “Magic” the bird whisperer, and his beautiful Macaws and Cockatoos, for our event in the park. His story intrigued me and, being an animal lover, I thought his sanctuary might be something we could support and that would also provide some “spokes-birds” for our event.  Continue reading

Does your house hug you when you come home?

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Wanna get those kids out of the house, off the phone and doing something that’s good for them?…


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Where can you eat lunch with Sea Turtles in downtown Dunedin?


By way of disclosure, let me say that I am not a food blogger (which may be painfully obvious in just a few minutes) nor am I a restaurant critic – see same parentheses.  Why then, you ask, are you blogging about restaurants on a real estate blog?

I will tell you.  It’s pretty simple.  I have found, by survey, that an overwhelming number of home owners, not to mention renters, EAT!  Yes that’s right, in fact, pretty much all of them do.  And quite a high percentage of them like to go OUT to eat.  Are you starting to see the connection? I thought you might.  Continue reading