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Florida’s answer to Godzilla

If Florida had its own version of Godzilla, (that not so dainty Monstersaurus with adenoid problems), it would not (surprisingly) be the alligator. It would be the termite – yes, that’s right, the termite.

But how, you ask, could I possibly compare a rampaging monster with atomic breath, to an insect?  Continue reading


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…..

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…………

I’ll bet you didn’t know (nor did they), that when the Sons of Liberty dumped all that tea into Boston Harbor back in 1773 that they would be paving the way for what would become a distinctly American innovation.  I’m not talking about baseball or apple pie, full length pants for boys or SUVs.  I’m talking about closets, yes that’s right — closets!  Continue reading