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Florida’s answer to Godzilla

godzilla_1954_header-620x380If Florida had its own version of Godzilla, (that not so dainty Monstersaurus with adenoid problems), it would not (surprisingly) be the alligator. It would be the termite – yes, that’s right, the termite.

But how, you ask, could I possibly compare a rampaging monster with atomic breath, to an insect?

Please allow me to explain.  Godzilla has stomped whole cites to dust, ripped power lines aside like spider’s webs and swatted more fighter jets into oblivion than there are flies on a cowpie, yet he still was not as destructive as the terrible termite, not to mention the fact that Godzilla is a movie character (apologies to all of you diehard Godzilla believers). According to (yes, there really is such a site), termites do an estimated 30 Billion (yes – with a B) worth of damage to crops and man-made structures every year.  I’m guessing all the Godzilla movies put together didn’t cost that much – even if they’d paid Godzilla actor’s scale!

At this point your questions are most likely shaping up to be something like, she’s selling real estate in Florida? Really? Then why is she telling me this????  I’ll tell you. The real problem with termites (other than chewing your rafters more intricately than Granny’s lace doilies) is that they just don’t look as imposing as that great fire-breathing whatever it is Godzilla is, so sometimes people can get a little lax and let down their guard. termite tent

So what’s the point to all this?  Buy a block home? Take stock in Orkin? Move to Alaska?  No, No, it’s really pretty simple.  If you don’t want any nasty surprises, get a termite inspection when you purchase your home, and get a regular termite treatment plan going forward, preferably one with a transferrable warranty should you sell your home.   It’s a lot better than the big tent if you leave the termites unattended.

And if you’re selling your home and don’t have a treatment program, get an inspection yourself before you get a buyer.  Better you find out and correct things than that perfect potential buyer who might just get scared away if they find any active termites.

crumbling house


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…..

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Closets…………

I’ll bet you didn’t know (nor did they), that when the Sons of Liberty dumped all that tea into Boston Harbor back in 1773 that they would be paving the way for what would become a distinctly American innovation.  I’m not talking about baseball or apple pie, full length pants for boys or SUVs.  I’m talking about closets, yes that’s right — closets!  Continue reading