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Have some questions about health insurance?

bananna-peel-and-footYou probably remember when Mom (or Grandma) would reminisce about walking 10 miles to school, uphill – both ways, in a blizzard (for those of you born in Fl. maybe walking to school 10 miles in August, dodging alligators, to arrive at a school with no AC?) I don’t know about you, but I was convinced by the time I was 8 that my generation were all wimps and softies spoiled by privilege and modernity!  Continue reading


A few tips to ensure your house isn’t broken into when your away at Dollywood – or the grocery store.

burglarI thought I’d step a bit out of my Real Estate advice “lane” today (since I’ve already been swerving all over the road on this blog anyway), and suggest a few things I recently learned, that could greatly improve the safety of your home and belongings.

What inspired these tidbits of advice, was a presentation by the STATEWIDE Crime Prevention Task Force (cue the Dragnet music) to a business group I’m part of.  While I had been content in the bliss of not having been recently assaulted, robbed or otherwise violated, I did know there were probably many out there who had not been so lucky, so here you go… Continue reading

The Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center

The Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center 


One of the Coolest places you’ve driven by but probably never seen…

I’ve been meaning to check it out,”………….  “I think I’ve heard of it but they must have torn it down years ago,”………….”

Safety Harbor has a museum???”  Continue reading

Just when you think it’s safe to leave your doors unlocked – somebody steals your door knob – and your whole house!

Don’t you love alarmdoor knob and handist headlines?  No, I don’t either, but what I’m about to tell you does happen and it deserves being at least a little alarmed. What am I referring to?  I’m talking about someone forging a new deed on your home then filing it with the county clerk’s office. Continue reading

There’s an app for that…

Image result for angry birds

Seems that’s the mantra of the new techno-marketing world where anything you could want is available with just a simple download. I personally like the flashlight app and the compass.  Excellent for those many occasions I’m lost in the woods.  And let’s not forget the “pocket fishing” app – which I turn to whenever I’m given a choice between that and self- dentistry.  Continue reading