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Master Restoration: What to do when Holy_ _ _ _! is the first thing out of your mouth?

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Today, I’m going to suggest a company called Master Restoration, a company I hope you’ll never need – sort of like a brain surgeon… or proctologist, but if you do, I’d recommend this company for a number of reasons.

What do I mean when I say restoration company? I’m not talking about refinishing your grandmother’s settee, or that antique washbowl and pitcher stand, I’m talking about those times someone forgets to turn off the bathwater and leaves for the weekend creating your own indoor swimming pool (it’s happened – you know who you are!) Or your Chintz curtains go up in flames from that new fondu pot Uncle Gerald thought might cook faster with kerosene. Or, maybe your son Sheldon’s chemistry experiment, that not only leaves the guinea pig with singed eyebrows, but your dining room furniture charred beyond recognition. guinea pigOf course, there are more mundane reasons for “disasters,” such as broken pipes, flooding, and that bad electrical wiring that might just burn down the “man cave” but, no matter the reason, the result is usually devastating.

So what should you do when you’re faced with rebuilding, cleaning out or swamping up? Based on a survey of friends who have made this mistake, don’t go with someone who knocks at your door offering to “help” you with your dilemma.  It’s understandable in desperate moments that you would grab at the nearest solution but it could likely compound the disaster. You want a restoration company that’s licensed, insured, experienced and who will help you navigate the maze of insurance regulations and pitfalls. Let me repeat that – a restoration company that will help you NAVIGATE THE MAZE OF INSURANCE REGULATIONS AND PITFALLS… which, rest assured (or unassured, depending on your viewpoint) is guaranteed to leave you with some desperate moments!

Segue to how ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­owner Jarrett Dixon got into the business to begin with. Having grown up in a missionary family, his viewpoint of service to others was formed at an early age. For him life was all about helping others so it was a natural transition to fireman when he got older, as he could still help others in their time of need.

When you’re a fireman, like he was, you tend to see a lot of disasters – sort of like dentists and cavities, only without the x-rays, and as his involvement in the community grew, he realized that a way he could continue to help others in a capacity he was familiar with, would be to start a restoration company and be able to help others when disaster struck. (Don’t you just love it when all the pieces fit together!) Maybe they should make a movie!…..

So…..   Got a disaster?  Call the Master!


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