Look no further!  This charming  bungalow could be a real stunner!  Just needs a few minor repairs to make it into your very own dream home. Being sold “as is” for seller convenience. Not a short sale! Cash only!  Seller requests a 10 minute head start at closing! This clapboard beauty boasts style and personality.  Could use a few coats of paint.  Home warranty offers three  5-gallon buckets and a string mop as well as a 50 foot extension cord and crow bar for your neighbor’s back door.  Also a year’s supply of ear plugs — you won’t even notice the Harley’s next door – mostly due to low flying planes. Easy access to airport – very Easy!  Friendly neighbors ( you can see their pictures in your local post office) and no deed or pet restrictions, make this the perfect starter home.


Please contact listing agent for alarm code. ………………………………………..

Yes, I thought as a lead off to my blog, that I’d pay homage to the stereotypical, ever optimistic realtor.  Please rest assured, this is not my listing! Actually mine is just down the street………. just kidding!

In all seriousness folks, or at least in some seriousness, well, maybe not, anyway, when I first considered writing a blog about real estate my immediate thought was, just how much could I actually write about houses and property?  After all, once you get past the market conditions, paperwork basics and various financing and disclosure caveats, what’s left ?  Paint colors and landscaping tips? I think I’d rather go take my chances on the fire ant hill in the driveway!

So, I guess the upshot of this is, I can’t tell you exactly what I’m going to talk about, I can only say that it will be real estate “related”  – sort of like a distant half cousin on your stepfather’s side.  I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

Alright,  now I’m being serious!  I am a professional real estate agent with 15+ years in the business. A few years ago I teamed up with my business partner Denise and we became the Florida Sold Sisters. Between us, we offer about 25 years experience.  We are very familiar with Pinellas county including many of the beach towns and the western part of Hillsborough.

I’m hoping that this blog will be a way for me to combine my loves of real estate and writing and, in the process, inform a few people and maybe make them smile. I welcome your input and your questions.


Denise&Linda PHOTO 12-14


Denise Franek     and       Linda Breeden

the Florida Sold Sisters/Keller Williams Realty

e-mail:  floridasoldsisters@gmail.com



2 responses to “Welcome

  1. You have certainly set the stage for some fun mixed with a little business when its not vice versa. Looking forward to the journey.

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